Past Results

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This page contains of routines that Chloe has on each event. Each skill that Chloe inserts and competes successfully in competition allows her to come closer to a higher start value. To watch Chloe in action, please visit the videos page.

Yurchenko layout full

Working On: Double twisting Yurchenko

Uneven Bars
Board mount; KCH + giant 1/1 + overshoot to handstand + toe-shoot to high bar; KCH + giant 1/2 + double front dismount

Working On: Tkatchev and full-out dismount

Balance Beam
Switch split leap + split jump; flip flop + back layout stepout; full turn; side aerial; front aerial + split jump; roundoff + back layout 2/1 dismount

Working On: FF + FF + back layout stepout, from toss + wolf jump, front tuck, switch split leap + switch split leap, roundoff + double pike dismount, side aerial + back layout 1/1 dismount

Floor Exercise
Roundoff + flip flop + piked full-in; roundoff + flip flop + back layout 1.5 + front pike; switch ring leap + switch split leap 1/2; double turn; roundoff + flip flop + double pike

Working On: Double layout, front layout + front layout 1/1, tour jete 1/1