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We will add a new template every few months, so you will have plenty designs to pick from. For now, there are 13 templates available below. If you see a website that you really like and it is not listed below, it means that it is a custom-designed website. You can make minor changes to any template designs below. For example, you may request to change menu, photos, basic outline, etc.

We do offer installment plan. E-mail us for more information (

Template #1

Brooklynn Bloxom
Chloe Cluchey
April Conway
Katie Cox
Whitney Cronin
Lauren Edwards
Shelbey Fuller
Kennedy Hambrick
Hunter Harrell
Laura Leigh Horton
Robyn Kelley
Maya MacDonald
Isabelle Schaefer
Kelsey Walker
Caroline Warren

Template #2

Sarah Adlassnig
Josie Angeny
Cameron Barber
Triniti Barron
Jade Canady
Aniya Cannon
Alexandra Cucich
Sierra Garcia
Savana Kotas
Grace Kramer
Grace Malec
Tess Muir
Taylor Newland
Brookelyn Sears
Caroline Versluis

Template #3

Julia Benson
Maya Bordas
Emily Buffington
Grace Costello
Riley Daniels
Madelynn Jones
Devon Kiehne
Annie Kustoff
Morgan Perumal
Lily Pierson
Lyndsey Rudolph
Ashley Smith
Emily Speciale
Kendal Toy
Avery Tyson
Tessa Volpe
Shea Wheeler

Template #4

Alexa Ebeling
Lexi Griffith
Jordan Johnson
Maggie Lampsa
Charlie Lister
Arianna Patterson
Riley Meeks
Jamie Shearer
Nikki Smith
Nyah Smith
Emma Stoddard
Julia Yee
Payton Young

Template #5

Hannah Baddick
Bayli Bostley
Nicolette DiPrisco
Victoria Gatzendorfer
Ayzhia Hall
Sara Kenefick
Emily Kuhn
Rebecca Magee
Hailey Merchant
Nicole Meza
Allie Morgan
Leah Nitzan
Olivia Reed
Julianna Roland
Anna Speller
Leighton Varnadore
Eva Volpe
Carly Woodard

Template #6

Nina Acosta
Melissa Astarita
Makayla Green
Shannon Gregory
Lydia Hayden
Charlyze Hemby
Caroline Herry
Mara Johnson
Katherine LeVasseur
Kelsey Martz
Emily Owens
Nicole Riccardi
Brooke Smead
Cameo Stapleton
Mia Sundstrom
Sevanna Van Affelen
Krista Zultevicz

Template #7

Samantha Forman
Isabelle Fox
Caitin Kirkpatrick
Jennifer Oh
Sienna Schreiber
Caroline Simmons
Paige Sorensen
Mia Townes
Julia Volpe
Sofia Vazquez

Template #8

Mackenzie Barile
Lauren Brophy
Caroline Crawford
Taylor Cusick
Hannah DeMers
Jenna Dunn
Emalee Frost
Gianna Graver
Olivia Hollingsworth
Reagan Hughes
Emerson Hurst
Audrey Kaufman
Morgan Leasure
Gracie Lyle
Brooke McAfee
Taylor Miranda
Isabelle Paquette
Maggie Smith
Alexis Stokes
Meilin Sullivan
Kathryn Thaler
Tory Vetter
Kayla Walder
Jenna Wicker
Christian Wright

Template #9

Caroline Austin
Kaylie Barrera
Erin Desmond
Theresa Evangelista
Irene Gumucio
Madison Hughes
Taylor Lambeth
Payton Lynch
Jenna Mulligan
Cassidy Stuart
Rylie Traversa

Template #10

Callie-Rae McVey
Reese O'Brien
Tasha Senterfit
Christie Tini

Template #11

Sydney Bezelik
McClaine Daigle
Mia Dinoto
Amalya Knapp
Jocelyn Moore
Riley Pearce
Sally Penswick

Template #12

Jurnee Lane
Gabrielle Lange
Haley Pitou
Sydney Smith

Template #13

Calyie Basselin
Najah Curtis
Renee Schugman
Kelsey Woods

"Whitney is a gem in the gymnastics college recruiting process. I was lucky enough to find Whitney’s web design services a number of years ago and have been nothing but pleased with her work, her professionalism, and her passion. She goes above and beyond for her clients and truly cares about the image that she presents for each and every one of them. The college recruiting process is time consuming and daunting and Whitney helps make the process smoother and maximizes the athlete’s marketability leaving the athlete with more time to focus on their sport, their academics, and having fun. My daughter’s website, managed by Whitney, captures the essence of all these aspects of her life. The communication between Whitney and us has always been simple and seamless. Thank you for always being a great resource of information and a cheerleader for our future college athlete. We made a great choice investing in a Gym-style website. Your design and implementation services and continuous management are stellar. " - Carlina Womeldorph