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Class of 2021 (Women's Gymnastics)
Nina Acosta
Rianna Adams
Kaitlyn Adlassnig
Cailene Afalla
Elia Aird
Brooke Alban- WVU
Libby Allen
Hannah Appleget
Jaedyn Archinard
Chloe Armentor
Catherine Aucoin
Elena Bailey
Bayley Barnett - SJSU
Mary Brook Barton
Caitlyn Bates
Josie Bergstrom
Ella Binfet
Ellie Bono
Halle Bretz
Velandra Brochi - Air Force
Trinity Brown
Brooke Burkhart
Lillian Cadwell
Trinity Caffey
Gabriella Cahill
Gabrielle Clark - Utah State
Sarah Cohen - Georgia
Kathryn Coker
Raegan Cromwell
Alexis Diakakis
Omer Danenberg-Lerner - Iowa State
Emma David
Lenée Dimkin
India Dixon
Brianna Dorr
Alexa Ebeling - Iowa
Jessica Eig
Brianna Eng
Amari Evans
Mia Falcone
Madison Farris
Makenna Fay
Rakel Jeffries
Tori Ferguson
Karsyn Foster
Caitlin Frick
Molly Froman
Alissa Fuelling - Minnesota
Faith Furletti
Allison Gard - UC Davis
Victoria Gatzendorfer
Capri Gavino
Ariana GIlley - Ball State
Kaitlyn Gray
Makayla Green
Ayzhia Hall - Nebraska
Gabi Hartley
Ashley Hay
Julia Heiner - Illinois State
Anna Hill
Lauren Hsu
Yulia Ivanaova
Alexandra Jensen
Leanne Jojo
Madelynn Jones - Rutgers
Skylar Kaston
Lauren Keener
Caitin Kirkpatrick
Karly Kim
Amalya Knapp
Julia Knower - UNC
Kennady Kreinbrink
Josephine Kogler - Maryland
Alonna Kratzer - Missouri
Zoe Krull
Abigail Kuppler
Ashley Lane - Michigan
Nina Lattuca
Baylie Lawrence
Ellie Lazzari - Florida
Anna Leigh
Emma Lewis
Adelaide Liebhardt
Nicole Lonski
Cameron Machado - Alabama
Elana Madlambayan
Mallory Marcheli - ASU
Elaina McGovern - Boise State
Brooke McNamara
Callie-Rae McVey
Hailey Merchant - NCSU
Nicole Meza
Mina Margraf - BYU
Abbigail Mitchell
Jocelyn Moore - Missouri
Meagan Moredock
Sarah Moussa
Gabrielle Nadler - Cortland
Sydney Nash
Emmalise Nock - NIU
Reese O'Brien
Katie Ours - SUU
Madeline Pike
Jamie Polonet
Mina Popovic
Frankie Price - Arkansas
Jillian Procasky - Kentucky
Trinity Pyle
Olivia Reed - Minnesota
Erin Reilly
Morgan Romeis
Lauren Rutherford - NCSU
Bella Salcedo - Penn State
Isabella Scarpetti
Isabelle Schaefer - UNC
Emma Schroeder
Paige Scott
Emma Simpton - Nebraska
Brooke Smead
Leah Smith - Cal
Hannah Stallings - Temple
Sarah Stallings - Temple
Sarah Stewart
Grace Sumner - Ball State
Jessica Taylor
Alexandra Theodorou - ASU
Elise Tisler
Brynne Tsipis - Kent State
Madeline Tyau
Gianna Vaiarelli
Tory Vetter - Ohio State
Tessa Volpe
Chalyn Walker
Elodie Walton
Ellee Ward
Savanah Warren
Riley Watson
Sophie Welch
Chloe Wheeler
Taylor Whelpley
Grace Whipp
Danae Williams
Lexie Wills
Rachel Wilke
Brooke Wilson - Utah State
Ella Wilson
Alyssa Wiggins
Paige Wong
Class of 2022 (Women's Gymnastics)
Lily Abbinanti
Eva Abler
Nailah Adams
Kailee Adomaites
Ava Bautch
Scarlet Becker
Amanda Bernhard
Chelsea Boyer
Charniya Brown
Kylee Burton
Sophia Butler - Florida
Sadie Cahoon
Madison Carlisle
Bella-Claire Carter
Alexis Cavallo
Hailey Clark
Jenelle Cloud
Morgan Crites
McClaine Daigle
Leeiah Davis
Madison DeBernardo
Porsha Demby
Ariana DeSouza
Ashley Elrod
Carla Ferzoco
Samantha Forman - Kentucky
Emalee Frost
Katie Giesecke
Alexandra Gillette
Madelyn Gomez
Lydia Hayden
Kyla Heidaker
Riley Himes
Gabrielle Hinkle
Nadia Herrera-Set
Sydney Herz
Ava Hooks
Valentina Hurtado
Kara Houghton
Avery Ingram
Seria Johnson
Victoria Justincic
Natalie Keating
Madeline Kees
Abigail Kenney
Kelly Klobach
Ascha Laird
Callie Leavell
Gianna Lenczner
Farah Lipetz
Morgan Mace
Madelyn Manternach
Camila Martinez
Gigi Martyna
McKenna Marvin
Gianna Masella
Molly McAleavey
Olivia McCoy
Olivia McDonald
Reanna McGibboney
Zoe Middleton
Jessica Miley
Ella Mockel
Mari Mohling
Carleigh Moore
Karina Muñoz
Trinity Munsisoumang
Kadence Nguyen
Suzan Ogunleye
Mia Oh
Emily Owens
Kayla Pardue
Ava Piedrahita
Lily Pierson
Caitlyn Poff
Paige Prejean
Madeline Reid
Ava Ridlehoover
Jillian Riggio
Mia Ristaino
Amanda Scheuerman
Alauna Simms
Abby Smith
Nikki Smith
Destiny Sanchez
Lola Sepulveda
Riley Shaffer
Soraya Shahani
Morgen Shambo
Annelise Smaby
Megan Steensland
Emma Stoddard
Kaydon Sutton
Tessa Sutton
Aniyah Taylor
Mattison Thetford
Rian Thompkins
Kayla Toniolo
Lilly Tubbs
Zara Waddell Jordan - Cal
Jasmine Williamson
Bryce Wilson
Madison Young
Class of 2027 (Women's Gymnastics)
Men's Gymnastics

Class of 2020

Noah Duran
Ben Hays

Class of 2021

Dallas Hale

Other Sports


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We do offer installment plan. E-mail us for more information at

Template Website

$50 Maintenance Fee (After one year)
    If you prefer a cheaper and faster alternative to a custom website, there are many template designs available for you to pick from. With template, gymnasts will use the same kind of design/layout but with their own colors and pictures.

Custom Website

$50 Maintenance Fee (After one year)
    If you want a website that is unique and different from others, we can create a website for you from scratch. You can be specific by telling us what kind of design you would like to have by sharing your ideas and suggestions. Custom website will take longer than template website.

Business Website

Price Varies
    The price varies on business website due to size of the website. You can e-mail me for more information and request quote. Please note that i have a waiting list for business website.

How the Process Works

  • 1
    Submit questionnaire and photos

    Once contacted, I will e-mail you questionnaire for you to fill out. When the questionnaire has been completed, simply just e-mail it back to me along with at least 6 photos. If you haven't created a YouTube account, you can do this last.

  • 2
    Look over the website & approve

    Once step #1 has been completed, I will move forward to the design. I will send you a preview of the design so you can approve it before I finalize the website. Once completed, you will receive a website link so you can look it over.

  • 3
    Share with coaches, family & friends

    When you give me the final approve to "release" the website, I will post the website onto Gym-Style.Com, GymDivas.Us and social medias. I will keep the website updated throughout the season with latest news, results and videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time Frame

We can't start working on the website until we receive questionnaire and photos from you (Videos can be easily added later). Custom websites usually take about 1 to 3 weeks, depending on waiting list. Template website will be finished quicker, usually within a week or even less.

Adding Updates

We keep everyone's schedule's in one excel so we always keep everyone's websites updated with latest news and results. If you want to add videos, simply upload these onto YouTube and we check YouTube subscriptions daily during the week to add them onto the website. No need to inform about videos as long as they're under the same account. With random information and photos, you can email us these anytime! 

Template vs Custom

Template website is quicker than custom-designed because the design is already set. There are many templates available for you to choose. Once in a while, we will create a new template, so you have plenty designs to pick from. With this, gymnasts will use the same kind of design but with their own colors and pictures. Custom website is one-of-kind where no one else will have the same design. This will take a longer compared to template because we have to create the design from scratch. If you already have ideas/suggestions for the website, you are very welcome to share them and we will do our best to match your expectations.

College Placement

Gym-Style.Com websites are exciting marketing tools that have proven to be invaluable assets to college bound athletes. A properly designed website acts as a portal for all the information a recruiter needs on an athlete. Our websites focus on personalizing the athlete, while also providing easy access to past results, videos and other pertinent information. Gym-Style.Com has assisted over 350 gymnasts (and growing) in obtaining their goal of securing athletic and academic scholarships to Division I, Division II and Division III Universities including:

Air Force Academy - 10
University of Alabama - 11
University of Alaska - 4
University of Arizona - 10
Arizona Christian University - 1
Arizona State University - 10
University of Arkansas - 10
Auburn University - 13
Azusa Pacific University - 3
Ball State University - 10
Baylor University - 2
Belmont Abbey College - 1
Boise State University - 5
Bowling Green State University - 10
University of Bridgeport - 4
Brigham Young University - 9
The College at Brockport - 2
Brown University - 5
University of Cal, Berkeley - 14
University of California, LA - 18
Centenary College - 3
Central Michigan University - 5
Coker University - 11
University of Denver - 13
Eastern Michigan University - 5
University of Florida - 22
Gannon University - 2
George Washington - 3
University of Georgia - 16
Hamline University - 3
Hawai'i Pacific University - 3
University of Illinois - 8
University of Illinois-Chicago - 1
Illinois State University - 5
University of Iowa - 6
Iowa State University - 6
Ithaca College - 3
Kent State University - 5
University of Kentucky - 18
Lindenwood University - 8
Louisiana State University - 10
University of Maryland - 11
University of Michigan - 10
Michigan State University - 6
University of Minnesota - 7
University of Missouri - 9
University of Nebraska - 16
University of New Hampshire - 6
University of North Carolina - 11
NC State University - 12
Northern Illinois University - 8
Ohio State University - 6
University of Oklahoma - 14
University of Oregon - 7
Oregon State University - 2
University of Pennsylvania - 9
Penn State University - 10
University of Pittsburgh - 7
Quinnipiac University - 4
Rutgers University - 9
Sacramento State - 3
Saint Leo University - 1
San Jose State University - 1
Seattle Pacific University - 4
Southeast Missouri State - 9
Southern Connecticut State - 3
Southern Utah University - 4
Stanford University - 9
SUNY Cortland - 5
Temple University - 12
Texas Woman's University - 6
Towson University - 8
UC Davis - 5
Urbana University - 1
Ursinus College - 2
University of Utah - 6
Utah State University - 7
University of Washington - 10
West Chester University - 4
West Liberty University - 1
West Point Army - 1
West Virginia University - 9
West Virginia Wesleyan - 1
Western Michigan University - 4
University of WI-Eau Claire - 3
University of WI-LaCrosse - 7
University of WI-Oshkosh - 7
University of WI-Stout - 3
University of WI-Whitewater - 3
William & Mary - 4
Winona State University - 1
Yale University - 7

Contact Us

Visit How the Process Works and FAQ section to learn more about our website service. If you are interested in using our service, please e-mail me directly at You should hear from us within 24-48 hours. If there's no response, you may send me a message through Instagram.

Contact me:

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Template or Custom

Meet the Owner

My name is Whitney and I am from Kansas City, MO. I played competitive fastpitch softball for over 15 years and received softball and academic scholarships to play in college. I obtained B.A. in Organizational Communication in 2009 at William Jewell College and M.A. in School Counseling in 2013 at UMKC.

I started Gym-Style.Com in June 2005 as a hobby. I built websites during my spare time throughout college years. Due to high demand, I decided to go full-time after I received my Master's degree in 2013.

During my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, playing with my two crazy dogs, watching KC Chiefs, reading, traveling, photographing and hanging out at the lake.